Mentoring & supervision

Mentoring and supervision

Whilst remaining collegial, the supervisory relationship is intended to model the trusting and confidential dynamic that is necessary within therapy. Our supervision style is a mix of clinical supervision, psycho-education and mentoring.  As your supervisor or mentor, our staff have a duty of care towards those you support, and thus it is important that we support both your development within your field and your growth as an individual.

One-to-one supervision and mentoring

One-to-one supervision and mentoring can provide a forum for deep learning about your working relationships, including parallel processes and transferential dynamics.

We normally provide supervisory support in 90-minute sessions on a monthly basis, although other intervals and durations are possible depending on our work setting and professional body.

We are also happy to assist you with any necessary statements or references to support your accreditation or membership of professional bodies, once we have been working together for a time.

Group Supervision 

Group settings provide opportunities for cross-fertilisation of ideas and shared understanding of client issues, ethical dilemmas and professional challenges.

It can also enable an experience of broader transferential triggers within a safe space where we work with our own issues. There is an expectation of confidentiality within the room equal to that of individual supervision, and the building of trust is also a vital component of the group relationship.

We deliver workshop-based training and bespoke training to organisations, relating to our trainers' fields of experience.